A new right to see your GP within 7 days

13 Nov 2022

An ambulanceFar too many people are struggling to get a GP appointment when they need one, leaving them waiting anxiously for the care they deserve.

In September alone, 8.9 million GP appointments involved a wait of more than a week, with 5 million waiting longer than the Government's own target of two weeks.

The blame for this crisis is clear, and it isn't the country's overstretched GPs. It's the Conservative Government. Back in 2019, the Conservatives promised to deliver 6,000 more doctors, but the number of qualified GPs has actually fallen by 500.

People across the country are suffering from years of neglect under the Conservatives, who have repeatedly broken their promises on local health services. It's just not good enough - read more about the Lib Dems call for a new right for patients at .A new right to see your GP within 7 days (libdems.org.uk)