Paul Jacobs

Paul Jacobs On Staveley Town Council's Financial Fiasco

The MP for Chesterfield is correct when he says that Staveley Town Council seems to be effectively bankrupt and unable to currently pay some of its bills. The Town Council, like every Council in the UK, can point to the unexpected shock over the last year of record inflation, soaring energy costs and the slow recovery of revenue following Covid and lockdown. However, that doesn't explain why STC is in such a particularly bad state. All Councils are supposed to have cash Reserves to help them deal with unexpected crises of this kind. But Staveley has none, why not?

5 Feb 2023

Elect Her release May 2023 Funding

Only 33% of Councillors are women and this has been glacially slow to improve over the past 20 years. A report into Local Government by the Fawcette society found that; "At the current rate of progress in English county councils, it will take 48 years for us to reach gender parity. In Welsh councils, it would take 82 years, we can't wait that long".

1 Jan 2023