BP boss pay doubles: Sunak must bring in bonus tax now

12 Mar 2023


The Liberal Democrats have demanded that the government bring in a tax on the bonuses of oil and gas company bosses, following the news that the chief executive of BP's pay doubled to £10m.

The Liberal Democrats are calling for a "bonanza bonus" tax on oil and gas bosses making millions from sky-high energy bills, similar to the bankers' bonus tax in 2009-10.


Liberal Democrat Leader Ed Davey says "It is obscene that Rishi Sunak is happy for energy bosses to rake in millions of pounds in bonuses, while refusing to help families struggling to heat their homes.

"This Conservative government is just totally out of touch. It's time that the eye-watering profits made from Putin's illegal war in Ukraine were properly taxed and used to help reduce people's bills."


Notes to Editor

BP chief's annual pay more than doubles to £10m - BBC News