MP slams Government decision to lift ban on fracking

Commenting on the announcement from the Government that they are lifting the ban on fracking in England, Cumbrian MP Tim Farron said: "Any shale gas produced by fracking in this country will just be sold at the same ludicrously high price as all other forms of gas.

24 Sep 2022

Scrap the energy price hike

This is an emergency. Cancel October's planned energy bill rise to save people £1600. We need bold and urgent action to help families pay their bills and heat their homes this winter. There is no other choice.

10 Aug 2022

Celebrating 50 Years of Pride in the UK

We have made incredible strides when it comes to protecting the fundamental human rights of those with LGBT+ identities, but we still have so much work to do. On 1st of July, we are marking an incredible 50 years since the first Pride rally took place in the UK.

1 Jul 2022